(215) 880-6892

(215) 880-6892

Other Services

Drain Cleaned & Treated

  • Drains are cleaned out daily.
  • Weekly program to scrub and apply Bio Enzyme to help prevent bacteria build-up
  • Also a 3′ brush especially made for drain pipes  is used to scrub inside the pipes before apply bio-enzyme
  • For white drains – We use a natural based cleaning solution to help keep the drain white

Ice Machine Cleaning

  • Any size Ice machine can be cleaned.
  • Exteriors are washed and stainless polished.
  • Interior – Internal cleaning of hose and valves are cleaned using cleaning/sanitizing solution made especially for Ice Machines
  • Interiors – Panels, lids, dividers, etc are removed – washed with soap and a a sanitizer is applied prior to reinstalling all parts.
  • Steam Cleaner is used in hard to reach areas & extra detailing

Walk-In Box Cleaning

  • Any size wall-in box cleaned.
  • Floors – Scrubbed & washed, sanitized and utilize bio-enzyme to kill bacteria
  • Walls & Ceiling washed by hand. Bio-Enzyme applied to help kill bacteria.
  • Fan & condensing units washed.
  • Handle & hinges washed & sanitized.

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