(215) 880-6892

(215) 880-6892

Our Philosophy

We guarantee the highest quality cleaning service available for restaurants to not only pass any Health Department Inspection but probably the most important thing; “the satisfaction of your customer”. We remove all obstacles a restaurant has in terms of safety and cleanliness standards. In addition, we eliminate the worry and stress for your restaurant when needing the “A Grade” to maintain a busy and popular restaurant. Restaurants don’t have to train, staff or manage an over-night shift for cleaning.

Why us?

We are not just a cleaning company, like every other; Cleanest Restaurant Group is the pioneer in being a specialist in only cleaning restaurant. There are many cleaning companies out there, but none of them specialize in restaurant cleaning. We have over 40+ years of experience in the cleaning industry and now, many of those years dedicated to only cleaning and sanitizing restaurants. In this time, we have developed techniques and use of the proper tools and chemicals to efficiently clean and sanitize only restaurants. For restaurants, this is a needed service.

Every restaurant needs to be cleaned. As the public has become more cognizant of different diseases and viruses, they also have been more concerned of the cleanliness of the restaurants they eat in. As a restaurant owner, you know this, and this is the time to have their restaurants properly cleaned and sanitized now, more than ever.

Core Values

  • Focused on training and investing in the right tools and proper use of chemicals.
  • Provide support to the team so they can do their job well.
  • Focused on the needs of the employees – we take care of them, they take care of the clients.
  • We are trusted, do what we say we will do and provide clients with the “A Grade” they need.


  • To provide the highest quality of cleaning that:
    • RESTAURANTS need;
    • THEIR EMPLOYEES appreciate;
    • HEALTH DEPARTMENTS approve; and,
    • CUSTOMERS will notice.


  • To be known as the restaurant cleaning experts with consistency of both quality and reliability.